Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Babymoon trip

Hoss and I wanted some time to relax, just us, before Levi comes! I am turning 7 months soon! Can you believe it?!! So, we conquered the road & took our time to make it up to beautiful San Francisco, where neither of us had been before. We both LOVE Food Network and we watch "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" as well as "Best Thing I Ever Ate" so we stopped along the way at some recommended joints and took our time traveling. So, I have lots of food pictures! I just love the presentation of food, don't you? We stopped at St. Francis in Phoenix (thank you Kristi for the recommend and gift card! xo) near my favorite candy store, Smeeks, where we also needed to visit & then headed to LA.

We headed up the coast from there!

And finally, we made it to the St. Francis in San Francisco! We enjoyed 3 nights there & at the Palace and then headed back down to San Diego for another Road Trip break! What a great trip! I loved spending time with my best friend and husband...

This was one of our best trips ever! We enjoyed each other so much. Now, we look forward to a future Disneyland vacation with Levi!!

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  1. Loved your pictures, Katie! Thanks so much for sharing!!