Monday, July 11, 2011

Candy Shoppe Retreat

Wow! Another fabulous retreat comes to a close. This year was made great because of our 60 retreaters who were so kind and are such creative, enjoyable ladies to spend a weekend with. So many of these ladies have spent countless hours with MMU through the years. Plus, we had several retreaters that had never attended before!! I won't mention anyone by name, but in her excitement for our Candy Shoppe Pink shirts, someone may have added some pink dye to her hair: don't worry. It'll come out in 5-80 washes. How's work going this week, Sandra? Thank you for your enthusiasm and your cookies! We love you!

It has always been a must to get a picture of Rhonda, Linda, Darcy and I. We just giggle and giggle and it is so much fun to spend time scrapping with the ladies that got me started back in 2001.
We have so many pictures just like these through the years. In the history of MMU, I think each of us has missed one retreat....maybe some special customers have attended more than us. Sharon Norman, have you attended every retreat? Sandra Kelley? Anyone? How many have we had? I don't know but it must be getting very close to about 20 or so....We are running out of themes!

Anyway, I loved having such a strong community of scrappers together. Our table sections our getting larger each year as the web of scrapbooking friends grows and you meet new friends at midnight manias and retreats. Everyone knows one-another it seems! How wonderful! Thank you, retreaters! Can't wait til next year!

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