Saturday, June 4, 2011

Making Room for Levi

Preparing the nursery has been so much fun! I'll post projects and progress each step along the way. As you'll see, we went with grey, white and green. Even though we have lots of new baby necessities and a new white crib, I am trying to keep it looking vintage just like the rest of our house.
This shelf is one of the first things that came together. It has my favorite darling animals on it and some blocks that I found at the antique fair. Oh- We changed Levi's middle name but I promise it won't happen again. He is Levi Benjamin Hughes. My mom made the doggie and the duck! The bear is a rattle by BlahBlah. I hope to get this mobile by BlahBlah! So cute- and I made the Mr. Whale.

This burlap and button project is from the most recent Scrapbook Trends Handmade book. I think I made this the day we got the magazine in, I was so excited! I watched a poor customer stand in the wrong line and get yelled at while I was picking up the burlap from SAS Fabrics but everyone knows you have to behave around there....anyone ever seen the Seinfield episode with the soup nazi? Well, they want good soup- we want cheap fabric: watcha gonna do? BEHAVE!

Then I wrapped the burlap around a 12x12 canvas. Now, I am just waiting for the perfect spot to display it. Have fun creating!

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  1. Hahahah!! LOVE the Soup Nazi reference, Katie!! Also love what you're preparing for Levi Benjamin! What lovely surroundings for your precious little one!