Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Levi is here!!

Here we are leaving for the hospital on Thursday, September 8th! SOOOO Excited and SOOOO nervous!! And here is he is!! But, ok, it wasn't that easy!! I'll spare you the details but I will tell you that while I was pushing, I was smiling! Yep, my doctor thought that was strange but I just couldn't believe that moment was finally here and I was so anxious and excited to be a mommy and hold my baby! Isn't he beautiful? I know every mommy thinks that, but really, I could stare at him for hours. He was born at 8:00pm, weighed 7.8 and was 20 inches- on September 8th! So easy to remember!

Hoss was a perfect coach and supporter. I just love him so much. He ate a popsicle with me cause that is all they would let me have. They even cut me off from ice chips because I couldn't keep that down so he stopped eating ice chips. I told him to eat something so he could be a strong daddy but he insisted that he wanted to do as much with me as he possibly could.

Hoss and I had some quiet time just us and Levi before we called our family in to meet him. They were all thrilled and it was such a special time watching each member hold him.

Levi is 3 weeks tomorrow! It took me a long time to get some pictures up! We'll see if any fall decorations ever make it up this year!!


  1. Congratulations!! I can't believe how much hair he has!! He's totally beaten Ella and she's 8 months old!! I can't wait to meet him in person!

  2. Oh Katie...reading your post made me cry, yes...that is just beautiful! (smiling when pushing) Congratulations to you both and welcome to parenthood=) Levi is just precious and so handsome...such a beautiful baby!

  3. Wow.... Little Levi is truly a beautiful baby!!! I'm so happy for you and Hoss, Levi is very lucky to have such amazing parents and family! Congrats, can't wait to meet him!