Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Final Day

Our farewell reception was a lot of fun! Is that weird? We just had so many friends of old and new come to say goodbye. Here is most of the team. We literally stopped ringing up customers to get this shot! We froze time. Seriously though....hasn't MMU had the best team? I am not biased....each person brought something really special. I felt loved and supported. Some of my family and friends came too, including my Aunt who came from Phoenix. Our final days were hectic and busy and it couldn't have gone better, really! God blessed us with the best case scenario and now, I am home, getting my house ready for a baby.

This cake was good, by the way!

And here are some special people that have been around since forever! I know they have taken our trash out for us a time or two and maybe even mopped the studio when we were in Williams Center!! That store sure was cute. Plus, Backstock, the office and the cleaning supplies were all in one tiny little room!!

Sandra, Sharon and Bridgett, who was maybe 3 when I started working at the store! Crazy!!
And, I loved this shot of working the register....maybe for the last time. I was so glad to see Tracy and Tami (at the register). I know I will keep in touch with many and Tucson is a small place so I hope to run into MMU friends often!

I will never drive by what has become a precious corner at Broadway & Alvernon and not have a million memories flash before me. I will be at Randolph this fall jogging my baby around that track and I can't wait to go by and see what has filled the space. Whatever it is, I don't think it could possibly be filled with as many happy memories as we gave it! xo, MMU in our hearts forever!

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  1. Thank-you so much Katie for giving me the opportunity to work at MMU. I had such a great time working there and will cherish the memories even though I worked there for a short amount of time. I'm so happy for you and Hoss! God Bless.