Sunday, January 2, 2011

Paper Mache

Yep, paper mache just like the classic grade school art project. You can use almost any container or box. The take out bowls above are from one of my many favorite Fox Restaurants, Sauce. You will need: newspaper strips, colored tissue paper, water, Elmers glue and a to- go box. Use three parts water to one part glue and mix in a bowl. There is no avoiding a mess for this project. Dip each strip of newspaper into the bowl and run it through your fingers to get excess glue off. Then, apply the pieces. For smoother corners, use your fingers & massage the newspaper until the print rubs off. The paper will conform more closely to the container. After the 1st layer dries, you may want to reapply. Add small pieces of tissue paper on the inside to add color.

I made a box for my mom to gift her ornaments in this year. She loved it! Her gold & green tree is so pretty. It has been so much fun helping her build her collection.
Have fun creating! Make old things new & useful in a different way!


  1. oh Katie, I loved the gift. The presentation of the ornaments in the paper mache box was so awesome I did not take it apart until I put Christmas away. I look forward to hanging my new ornaments next Christmas, and the box is now in my sewing room with cute fabric in it waiting to be used. You are always so creative, love you! mom

  2. Soooo stinkin' cute, Katie! You have the most creative eye for beautifult things. Thanks for the inspiration, friend!
    - elka