Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry Christmas from MMU

Every year I look forward to our intimate MMU Christmas party. This year, we had a cookie & ornament exchange. Kristen, Colleen, Lauren, Kiera & Karina came. We were missing over half our team to sickness & homework but we still took our traditional team photo. Kiera brought me a hostess gift (bottom right) and I struggled to open it because i didn't want to ruin the package. She even made the box out of cardstock! Ask her at her next class how to make it- very easy, she says.
This year, everyone received an MMU gift card: (top right) what else could a girl want?! I sewed the pockets with felt and attached bird tags from Anthropologie.
I am so thankful for this group of ladies. MMU wouldn't be the same without them! Thank you Alex, Cynthia, Colleen, Karina, Kiera, Kristen, Emily, Lauren, Edna & Tanya for pouring your hearts into our store!

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  1. You are one lucky lady to have such a wonderful staff!