Friday, November 19, 2010

Lesson Learned

So, I guess everything doesn't have to be changed or painted. I think i liked this poor stool better before I touched it. Sure, it needed to be re-covered but what do i have against un-painted wood? Should I try black on it? What do you think? Did I choose the wrong fabric for the cushion? Dena & I went to the antique fair with her parents this month and MikelAnn found this treasure and thought I needed it. She was right but did I ruin it? Yikes.
I thought you would like to see what i do with my entry way when we have a busy month! There is so much to keep track of that our chalk board comes in handy + everyone loves drawing us pictures! It was great for my before and after photo shoots too!


  1. My opinion, I like it how you bought it...but I love wood...

  2. You win some, you lose some. I liked it better before.

  3. another vote for before.
    also, save room on the 28th to do lunch or something!! otherwise i'll miss seeing you while we are in tucson!

  4. I like the fresh pop of color!!! And I LOVE the wreath. Did you use felted wool or just regular wool. And are you the hand model because it doesn't look like your hands in the picture.