Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm in love

I received two emails from different friends on the same day with pictures of this lovely wreath that they were inspired by. Needless to say, I beat both Alex & Dena to making one!! Thanks cute friends. I am in love and dreaming about what colors I should use on my next one. To create the flowers, just cut a wavy circle out of felt and then cut a wavy spiral to the center, leaving a small round shape in the middle. Begin rolling from the outside and glue down the bottom.

With a roll of yarn, begin wrapping the wreath. Keep the plastic wrap on to save on a giant mess! Have your Instant Netflix queue loaded or your DVR ready to play because you have a couple hours ahead of you while you wrap around and around and around......
And, here is the finished product!


  1. Love it. Can I have one for Christmas?

  2. Oops! I asked about the felt in a different comment. But the wreath is fabulous and I want a couple of felt flowers to go on a sweater of headback. So beautiful. What is your new fascination with gray? Cool.