Friday, February 22, 2013

one man's trash.....

HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOO BLOG!  Hello to anyone out there. Mom.
Here is a recent yard sale find.  This sad foam alphabet that I am sure saw some fun days in a bathtub.  I don't think anyone else would have even considered it for fifty cents.....but I had a vision. And, I had fifty cents.  
I had a canvas.
I had some white spray paint. 
And Mr. Tree got to visit. 

And the new addition sits happily on a stack of red books in a little guy's bedroom. 


  1. Only you would have this vision, dear creative inspiring Katie!! Blessings to you and what a fabulous addition to Mr. L's room!

  2. oh Yippee, a blog post by you, really need to post more....why? just because you inspire us!