Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

......was fabulous!  Hoss set a very high standard for himself.  Or did he set it high for me, being as Mother's day comes before Father's guy he is. 
On Friday, we went up to Phoenix to visit our friends, Will and Melissa and Liam.  Liam just had his 1st birthday in April.  The boys took a bath together and we put them down to bed and went out to dinner!  The amount of fun I had was extreme, which told me that I need to get out more often....Then, we had breakfast and played with Liam some more before we went out shopping to all my favorite stores and Hoss' favorite Phoenix restaurant, St. Francis. 
We came back home and on Sunday morning, Hoss woke me up with breakfast in bed; heart pancakes and a card from Levi. 
They also gifted me with a massage at Rubs and some fancy Williams Sonoma dish towels....    After church, we had lunch with his parents and then dinner with mine at Zin Burger....Life is good.  Thank you my sweet boys for a perfect 1st Mother's day weekend!  It is my joy to be Levi's mommy and Hoss' wife. 

"The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places indeed...." Psalm 16:6


  1. Happy Happy Mother's Day to my little girl, all grown up with a child of her own, You are a Beautiful woman.....loving wife and great Mommy!

  2. What a wonderful Mother's Day...your men sure know how to show their love for you!! Looking forward to our lunch next week.

  3. Levi is a mini-Katie - gorgeous hair and all!!

  4. Sounds so wonderful. You made me laugh, too, as always. The boys are both adorable!

  5. Hoss: Sounds like you rocked it. So glad you recognize Katie for the awesome Mommy she is. Love the picture of the boys in the their matching Jammies. ~ Aunt Margaret ~

  6. Chris: Your daughter IS a good Mom, wife, and a beautiful person.