Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can't help but share again

More on Levi's friends! I, Katie Hughes, promise that not every post will be about all these babies. But, these pictures are just too fun not to share.
Here are all the mommies....Stacie and Ellie, Dena and Jeremiah, Me and Levi, Kelly and Annie, Reyna and Sofie.

And, here are the daddy's. I promise Hoss isn't that's just that Rhett is super super tall and Bryce is super tall....I told him to stand next to kenny. oh well..... We created a bit of a scene at church but I think that the congregation really enjoys seeing all of us! It will be fun to watch these five babies grow in their sunday school classes together. Maybe this picture should be a tradition?!


  1. Church growth! I love sitting in the "Baby" section....LOVE these little ones.

  2. Awww, how sweet! Levi is growing so fast and is just as adorable as ever! I love the picture of just the babies...ya'll should make it a tradition=)