Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celebrating 12 years & Special Give Away!

Today is MMU's 12 year anniversary! I started working at my home away from home when I was 18!! I was going through old photos and thinking about the people and my journey at the store. So many amazing memories and so much of my life has been about this place. I can't even begin to share just highlights with you but as I looked through pictures, smiling ear to ear the whole time, here are a few that I wanted to post.

Here is me and Rhonda enjoying one of our many visits to Vegas. Oh, how I miss Vegas with Rhonda and Linda. (Previous Owners and 2nd mom's to me) We would visit 2-3 times a year for tradeshows and you can see how much work we got done!

Above are more pictures from our travels. I got to visit NYC, Florida, Dallas & a few trips to California with Rhonda, Linda and Darcy. We had so much fun together. We all worked so well together and had so much laughter it was unbearable.

Change is what I see and think when I look back. Our team changes, the store changes and my hair especially changes! The friendships I have made will always be and for that, I am so thankful to be a part of Making Memories.

Can you name our whole staff in these photos?! Or can you name some?! Send us an email at with your answer. The person with the most correct will win a 25$ Gift card!! This is a small way to say thank you to all of the great customers/friends, most of whom have been around for most/all of my years here at MMU! Thank you for making my everyday so wonderful!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! You're the BEST! Here's to many, many more!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for the wonderful post. So many wonderful memories...definitely unforgettable! Love you sweetie-pie. ~ Rhonda

  3. You are right, so much of your life has been all about MMU, you have done an amazing job at being an employee, store manager, Rhonda's right arm and an amazing boss-lady...Now you have owned it and done a marvelous job in a hard economy...Congratulations to you and Hoss and all the past, present and future MMU memories! And I might mention there are some TOTALLY awesome customers that have taken good care of you!(they know who they are!)
    And to think the only reason you wanted to work there was so you could get the employee discount.
    Have a great CELEBRATION....

  4. Yay! So fun! I have loved being a part of team MMU in the past, and now supporting and celebrating with you, the proud owner. What a fun celebration. =) Thanks for posting all the fun pics. Loved the mini sessions today - thanks for having me! (And I'm loving the new goods I came home with. Already made the two house pieces of art...they're hanging in my living room!)

    - Elka

  5. So glad that I made the MMU Staff Wall of Fame. Still the best job I've ever had!