Thursday, August 19, 2010

Double Hitter

Last Saturday, I had two baby showers! I made these chipboard books for both friends. They were pretty easy once I got going but a little more time consuming than I planned. There are 12 pages to document pictures from their 1st year! I also used this Creative Imaginations book for my 2011 Desktop calendar class, which is still displayed @ MMU.
This will be my friend Gloria's 1st baby! I can't wait to see her as a mommy.

Being the youngest, my baby book is slim pickens, so I really hope Debbie uses hers because this is her 3rd!
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  1. So cute! Do you think you'll have a class? I'll have to come in and check out the calendar that you speak of. I have a friend who's having her fourth, probably next week. Would love to make one for her. I'm the youngest of four and I totally know what you mean about "slim pickens". I talked to you yesterday about the "clip it up". I went ahead and ordered one, I'll see how it goes...
    Hoping to get into the store more often, so if you're there, I'll say "Hi" :-)-Laura