Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Perfect Storm

Have you ever gone so long without creating that you feel like you could just burst?
I'm not sure I have ever popped out 4 layouts so fast in 10+ years of scrapbooking.
So, naturally I wondered, why? Here is a list of components that led to the perfect storm for creativity.

1. The number one reason is my absence from scrapbooking. I'm back.
2. A clean scrapbook room. (not anymore)

3. Amazing new products at MMU!
We have gorgeous, ornate flowers from Prima. And, "so sophie" by My Minds Eye.

3. A friend of mine has picked up photography and has, very quickly, become a great photographer. (Check out Amber's work here.) So, we are teaming up to display scrapbooking and her work together!

4. Could Hannah Jonhson be any cuter?
5. The wonderful gift of time- by myself. Hoss was at church. I was alone. LOVED IT!

can't wait to visit my room again. Hope it's soon!


  1. you do amazing things when you have the time.

  2. How did I just realize you have a blog???

    You did it! Katie's back to CREATING.
    Love it!

  4. Loved all the layouts and products. You should "force yourself" more often. They are darling (and so are the photos you used!)

  5. I wish you could have seen people's reactions to your work at the fair on Saturday! So many exclamations as people came by! One little girl asked if she could please have one to hang on her wall at home! She cried when her mom made her give it back. You are truly gifted!